Caricatures - Custom

Dori and BillA caricature drawing is a custom portrait, often described as a cartoon portrait. There is a likeness of a particular person, as well as stylization.

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Caricatures - Live

Caricatures LiveAny kind of party is more special when Bill Dougal or Dori Dougal draw caricatures.
The cartoon-style portraits quickly capture personality and bodies engaged in a favorite activity add humor.  Learn more about live caricature in CT here.



Entertaining & educational videos for kids;  Also videos featuring Billy & the Buttons, and more. and YouTube.



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Dougal Music

Dougal MusicVariety of musical acts. Songs for kids, fun songs from bill's hat, cowboy billy, cd's, illustrated songbooks, dvd available, with lyrics and catchy tunes. For music programs, CD’s and books visit




IllustrationsIf you produce materials for advertising, informational or editorial purposes, you could benefit from illustrations by Bill Dougal.  Custom artwork can be tailored to your needs.   When you commission a drawing, no one else can publish the same thing, and it can be done quickly and economically.  Learn more about custom Illustrations here.


Bill & Dori Dougal
Telephone: (860) 456-9041


Pet Sketches

Pet SketchesGet a drawing of a dog, cat or any other animal. Our style is a spirited sketch in which likeness is evident. It's not super detailed, and it's not a goofy cartoon- It's better. Learn more about having your beloved pet immortalized in a sketch here.



Presentations and WorkshopsLearn to draw the fun, creative way. Schools, libraries, and other facilities hire Bill in Connecticut to learn drawing skills & creativity. Learn more about our presentations and workshops about cartooning, and character here.



Fine Art

Bill’s style of pen & ink with watercolor is seen in hundreds of buildings, landscapes, caricatures and concept pieces. Browse and buy originals, prints and cards at